Counselling tends to work to the extent that there is a commitment and regularity in the arrangement on the part of both the counsellor and the client.

I conduct an initial meeting during which we will discuss your personal situation, concerns and expectations for counselling. During this time you are free to ask me questions about the counselling process and my experience. I will spend some time outlining the framework of the counselling relationship (i.e. what you can expect in terms of fee, duration of sessions, confidentiality, etc.). From this we will see if we can establish what the focus of your counselling should be.

I provide both short-term and open-ended counselling and psychotherapy. Should we decide to work together we will agree upon how many weekly sessions we will meet before we review the work. It is usual that we review after six sessions. However, sometimes less than six and often more than six sessions are required.

Each session will usually take place at the same time on the same day each week, and will last for fifty minutes. I work during the daytime and the evening.

As your counsellor I will not seek to advise or judge you. What I will provide is a safe, supportive and empathetic space in which to explore your concerns at your own pace. You will be invited to share your thoughts and feelings in as much detail as you wish. I will listen with great care and attention to what you tell me, and attempt, through my questions and reflections, to help you make sense of the issues you are struggling with, and identify possibilities for change.

In practice, this may involve you thinking about familiar patterns of feeling and thinking, or persistent patterns of relationship. Where helpful, this might include making links between your past and present.