Hello, my name is Warren. I am a UKCP and MBACP registered integrative counsellor and psychotherapist with practices in Welwyn Garden City, Hitchin and Letchworth, Hertfordshire. Integrative means that I have been trained in a number of different theoretical approaches and draw upon these to tailor an integrative approach that is best suited to your individual needs.

Life can be difficult and at times it can be helpful to have someone to talk to. This is not always so straightforward, however. We might have family and friends (maybe we don't have this), but it does not follow that we would feel comfortable talking to them about the difficulties we experience. Relationships are complicated, each the product of a set of historical interactions. We may feel that by giving voice to our concerns we risk altering or jeopardising these relationships in some way. Perhaps we hold fears of burdening others with our problems. Maybe we think we won't be understood. This is when Hertfordshire Counselling can help.

As a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist unconnected with your personal life, I am well placed to listen to your concerns. Perhaps a recent event or change in your personal life has left you feeling anxious, angry or depressed. Maybe you want to explore something that has happened in the past, or feel stuck or dissatisfied in the present. Whatever your difficulty, I offer a safe, supportive and confidential space in which to explore your concerns. Without judgement, I can help you to reach an understanding of yourself and your life, and by us working together for you to find a more satisfactory way of being.

If you are unsure whether counselling is right for you, please contact Hertfordshire Counselling to discuss your concerns or questions.